UFC 297 results: Neil Magny TKOs Mike Malott for ridiculous buzzer-beating comeback


Everything was working out in a good way for Mike Malott at UFC 297 - up to the point that it was no longer.

In a fight that is likely to be a contender for Comeback of the Year at the end of 2024, Malott (10-2-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC) was defeated by Neil Magny (28-11 MMA, 21-10 UFC) with ground-and-pound strikes after a dominant first two rounds. The stoppage came at 4:45 of Cycle 3.

On Saturday, the welterweight matchup took place at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto as part of the main card of UFC 297.

Out to "Fat Lip" by Aggregate 41 came Malott, saw by a lot of people as the following significant light bearing contender for Canada. His entry was met by an uproarious applause, much something contrary to his rival Magny, who was met with "F*ck Neil Magny" drones right off the bat in Cycle 1.

Malott proceeded with the progress of Magny's past adversary Ian Garry with successful kicks that bit up the lead leg of Magny. Magny did a little pogo hop after one particular kick, which the crowd could clearly hear.

Magny came out more forceful in Cycle 2 and squeezed Malott with a blend. The move misfired as the two warriors caught the wall. The force gave Malott the energy he expected to flawlessly change into a takedown. Magny rose to his feet after a brief period on the ground.

Malott hauled him back down again presently and jumped into hill. Malott unleashed a powerful ground-and-pound just before the horn.

In the last round, Malott returned to the well of progress: the catching division - however there was an unexpected development.

Magny prevailed after sweep Malott. Huge punches arrived on Malott, who attempted to grasp a leg for an accommodation. Magny guarded and backpedaled in all out attack mode. Huge punch after large punch landed. In the long run, Malott went to his side.

Ref Kevin MacDonald offered Malott a lot of chance to show him something, however the something won't ever come. The battle was postponed off.

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